Installations, Still and Moving images
October 16-20, 2024

Peter Weibel
by Galerie Anita Beckers

The Artist

Peter Weibel (1944-2023) was a renowned artist known for his work in conceptual art, performance, experimental film, video art, computer art, and media art. He drew inspiration from semiotics and linguistics, shaping his artistic language from experimental literature in 1964. As he evolved as an artist, Weibel explored language, the body, film, video, and electronic environments, critically analyzing how they construct reality. He collaborated with the Vienna Group and Viennese Actionism, contributing to “expanded cinema”, including Oswald Wiener, Günter Brus, Otto Muehl, Hermann Nitsch, and Rudolf Schwarzkogler. His work extended to videotapes, video installations, and television actions. Weibel experimented with various materials, forms, and techniques. As the mid-1980s arrived, Weibel embraced the possibilities of computer-assisted video editing. In the early 1990s, he pioneered interactive computer-based installations, a period during which he continued to interrogate the intricate relationship between media and the construction of reality. He taught at several universities (University of Applied Arts Vienna, the College of Art and Design in Halifax, Canada, and the Gesamthochschule Kassel) and received numerous awards for his contributions.

“MEDIA MAY REWIND REALITY” is poignant testament to his lifetime of dedication. In this work, a candle burns on a monitor for over 8 hours, gradually reaching the screen’s edge, while real candles alongside it burn down. This piece encapsulates the essence of Weibel’s life, symbolizing his unwavering and passionate commitment to exploring new media in both the realms of art and science.

The Gallery

Established in 1995 in Darmstadt, the gallery space moved to Frankfurt am Main in 1998. From the beginning, the emphasis has been on promoting young artists. In particular, the gallery has worked for the promotion of video and new media art by enabling artists to show their work in the necessary settings, as well as having supported publications and productions. Gallery artists have also been invited to take part in the exhibitions of important, international museums, such as MoMA, New York; SF MoMA, San Francisco; Whitney Museum, New York; Serpentine Gallery, London; ZKM Karlsruhe; Ludwig Museum, Köln; international festivals and biennials. After 20 years of activity, it is the aim of the gallery to contrast historical positions with emerging artists, particularly in photography and video. Today the emphasis is on the dialogue of these young artists with established artists.


Braubachstrasse 9
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