Installations, Still and Moving images
October 16-20, 2024


The Artist

Orshi (Orsolya) Drozdik (1946, Abda, Hungary), a visual artist of Hungarian origin living in New York, is not only one of the leading figures of Hungarian conceptual art in the 1970s, but also a major representative of international feminist art. The human body is a regular motif in her work and can also often be its medium. Her work is built around the constitution and definition of the self, and the question of sexual identity. Her artistic language unfolds in an exploration of two poles, the feminine “I” and the creative “I”.

The artist specially selected works for the Offscreen from the strongly connected and intertwined art works from the period between 1979-1981: “Diverting the Diagonal : On a Primed Canvas” (1980), performance, video, “Diverted Diagonal : On a Primed Canvas” (1979-81) photographs, Xerox prints, “Hijacking the Shadow” (1981) Xerox prints, “I Try to Be Transparent” (to Art History) (1980), performance, video. This series in diverse mediums: performance, video, photographs, Xerographic prints belongs to her theoretical thinking and notes: ” The Medium of My Life is My Art, My Medium is My Body”, (1980) which is about medialization and remedialization.

The Gallery

After closing Art+Text Budapest and followed that by a two-year long resting period, the founder of the gallery, Gábor Einspach returned to the art market with a new exhibition place founded with dr. Barbara Czapolai, named Einspach Fine Art & Photography, opening in June 2021. The gallery is located near to the Batthány Eternal Flame, on the ground floor of one of the finest palaces of Pest. The place brings a yet unknown, new quality to the Budapest gallery scene, with its own 5,5-meter inner height, its delicately renovated premises and with its enormous glass showcase facing the street. The business profile of Einspach Fine Art & Photography includes both the most significant Post-War artists and young contemporary creators, painting, sculpture, ceramics and photography too. The gallery regularly participates in prestigious international art fairs such as Paris Photo and Frieze Masters in London.


Budapest, Hold u. 12
1054 Hongrie