Installations, Still and Moving images
October 16-20, 2024

Thibault Brunet
by Galerie Binome

The Artist

Thibault Brunet (1982, French) plays with the codified genres in photography to question our relationship to virtuality in a society where the world is on its way to being fully digitized. He first distinguished himself with studies of landscapes and portraits made within video games, research recently updated in the Minecraft explorer project supported by major institutions (Centre Georges Pompidou, Festival Hors-Pistes in 2023; Jeu de Paume, Fondation Fiminco and MAC de Lyon in 2022). Pioneer in the appropriation of new technologies, his work is organized around photographic missions via real-world digitization tools such as 3D scanners, databases, image and video banks, or via Google Earth.

While his modeling of the cliffs of Cap Gris Nez and the Clue de Barles bring him closer to sculpture, the cloud portraits in the 3600 seconds of light series and the inventory of gas stations in the Typology of virtual series blur the distinction between drawing, painting and photography. Multi-awarded artist, his work has been included in prestigious exhibitions and museum collections.

The Gallery

Since 2010, Galerie Binome (Le Marais, Paris) is dedicated to contemporary photography. Its program of exhibitions and international fairs opens up to established and emerging contemporary artists exploring the conceptual and formal boundaries of the medium. In search of new forms in photography, and interested in experimentation with the materiality and media of the image, the selection of works establishes dialogues with sculpture and drawing, or with traditional materials such as ceramics and textiles. The definition and expansion of the photographic field are at the heart of the gallery’s reflections. Member of the Comité professionnel des galeries d’art, Galerie Binome develops numerous collaborations with personalities from the world of art and photography, curators, private and public institutions. In 2023, its director Valérie Cazin was appointed to the Paris Photo selection committee.