Installations, Still and Moving images
October 16-22, 2024

Three talks, by GIVING BACK IS DEAD and hosted by founder Scott Stover, will explore new views of philanthropy in the arts with three prominent millennials in the field. Arts and culture can have a social impact through the prism of multiple actors/stakeholders in the art arena.

Thursday, October 19 - 10 am - Lawrence van Hangen

Lawrence van Hagen, one of the most prominent NextGen art advisors, talks about his museum patronage and his clients’ philanthropy.

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Friday, October 20 - 10 am - Aindrea Emelife

Aindrea Emelife curates what has not been curated, including the Nigerian pavilion at the Venice Biennial and the first museum to span antiquity to contemporary art in Africa.

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Saturday, October 21 - 10 am - Russell Tovey

Russell Tovey, actor, writer, curator, collector and co-host of Talkart podcast, tells us about his connection with artists and his success in expanding the art audience to a larger community.

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About the host

Scott Stover is a Philanthropy Advisor specializing in arts, culture, and science, who focuses on innovative approaches to sustainable systems building. Applying his background as an investment banker, Scott prioritizes the development of financially robust philanthropy models designed for long-term impact. From establishing and managing private foundations for individuals and artists, to developing international donor support for institutions, Scott encourages clients to think holistically about the visionary potential of their philanthropic initiatives. Working with a network of international advisors, trusted powerbrokers, curators, and pioneers in institutional communications, Scott ensures that resources are strategically channeled to achieve maximum reach and impact. In today’s hyper-connected world, establishing a legacy is far more than simply “giving back.”

About Giving Back is Dead

Giving Back is Dead is a platform for Scott Stover to engage with leaders in the arts and philanthropy to discuss shifts in the landscape, beyond the scope of “charity.” The podcast was born out of the idea of generational attitudes changing, with the central question asking, “how does giving to the arts make the world a better place?”
The podcast is an effort to formulate a relevant blueprint of how the arts can continue to be a dynamic source of inspiration for all of us. Their mission is to bring together key strategists and visionaries to problem solve and hold space for new ideas of foundation planning and strategy.

GBID is executive produced by Vajra Kingsley and Joshua Geyer.

In partnership with

The 2023 GIVING BACK IS DEAD talks are supported by the Island, which is also debuting their first commission by Stefan Brüggemann at OFFSCREEN Paris 2023.

Created in 2022, The Island commissions, finances, and offers digital artworks by established traditional artists. The Island is firmly grounded in traditional art expertise and fosters interdisciplinary collaborations by unlocking the possibilities of digital and on-chain art
. It actively seeks to bridge the gap between the art and tech communities while shaping the evolution of funding and collecting approaches within museums worldwide.

“The Island is born from the productive intersection between art and technology. Straddling and shaping well-established narratives as well as nascent ones, it traces generative art histories from the 1960s and hosts work made by some of the most innovative artists working today in both traditional media and on-chain. The Co-Founders’ - Sébastien Montabonel and Marcin Wiszniewski - vision was to actively intervene in a future in which the effects of technology have radically transformed how art has been conceived, commissioned, produced and displayed.”