Installations, Still and Moving images
October 16-22, 2024

Graciela Sacco
by Rolf Art

The Artist

Graciela Sacco (1956-2017, Rosario, Argentine) explored unresolved social issues in a constantly changing world. Her artworks, created through various photosensitive processes, captured delicate shadows to illuminate contemporary problems from both Southern and Northern perspectives. In an incessant interplay of parallels, the image unveils itself fragmented in vertical rhythms. A crowd advances with gestures of violence. Vague details of clothing situate this image, with its suggested and open texture, in those times that left an imprint on the imagination of the ‘68s, such as the May ‘68 Parisian uprisings and the national upheaval during the Cordobazo of ‘69. Urban conflagrations invade the realm of artistic consecrations. Sacco’s artwork also challenges the viewer and actively involves them. Those who contemplate her pieces occupy a place within the resistance forces, representing the opposing side of the conflict. In this way, the artist encourages us to reflect on our role within the struggle and the intricate realities we inhabit.

The series Shadows from North and South, presented at OFFSCREEN, consist in projections from printed fragments of methacrylate traversed by a light source. This is a piece that has different versions, and has been exhibited at the Shanghai Biennale, China ; in Buenos Aires, at Argentina Cultural Center and also in the Modern Art Museum of Buenos Aires ( MAMBA ), in the Fine Arts Palace in Mexico, at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston - USA , and also was exhibited in different Internationals Art Fairs like Art Basel Miami and Basel, Arco Madrid, ArteBA, among others. Different pieces from the series “Shadows of the South and the North” were acquired by the Museum of Fine Art of Houston, Texas; by the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina; by the Bank of the Republic from Bogota, Colombia; and privates collections in U.S.A., Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico and Brazilian collectors.

The Gallery

Rolf Art, located in Buenos Aires and founded by Florencia Giordana Braun in 2009, is the only art gallery specialized in technical image in Argentina. Focused on contemporary Latin American visual arts, the gallery features works exploring photographic media and its boundaries. The selection of artworks considers pieces with an inextricable union between critical density and aesthetic value. The curatorial profile challenges the political context & considers the social and economical background of artistic production as a determining factor for art’s interpretation. The gallery is committed to a select group of contemporary established Latin American artists, promoting them on a national and international basis.


Esmeralda 1353
C1007ABS Buenos Aires, Argentina.